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Festivals are back...

Finlay’s Guide to Festivals in 2021
Wilderness, Bestival, All Points East, Isle of Wight, Reading, Leeds… Festivals are back! Weekends of music, fun, maybe sun (probably rain), and not much sleep. Ah the good old days.

Given it’s probably been a while since you last went to one, we thought you needed a guide to get you through, remind you of the things to take, and help you make the most of summer festivals again.

From fashionable pieces to functional bits, here’s Finlay’s guide to nailing the festival look, mood, and experience.

Four fashion must-haves

Festival Celebrations

Listening to music is great. Looking good while listening to music is better. Here are four things to help you stand out from the crowd…

1. Sequins

Stick ‘em to your face, wear a sparkling dress, or don a pair of glittering leggings. Boy, girl, man, woman… Life’s better in sequins.

2. Belt bag

When Mum and Dad wore them back in the 80s it was for function. Now it’s for fashion. Whatever you wanna call them - bum bag, waist bag, fanny pack - these bags will help you find the perfect balance between style and practicality.

3. Bucket hat

Yes - bucket hats are a little divisive but they’ve become a summer staple. They can be fiendishly tricky to pull off but fortune favours the brave.

4. Swimsuit

Despite what the weather says right now, there are rumours that a heatwave is coming this August. Which makes jumping in a lake (which many festivals have) quite an attractive prospect. Just make sure you’re looking cool and chic while you’re doing it.

Four functional essentials

festival essentials Wellies

Looking past the obvious (tent, sleeping bag etc.) there are always some essentials to pack. And remember, just because the weather’s good on the Thursday, it doesn’t mean you can get cocky with your outfit choices…

1. Wellington boots / rubber Chelsea boots

If it really rains then pick the former, otherwise go for the latter. No one wants to wade through mud in a pair of Converse (speaking from personal experience here).

2. Portable Phone Charger

Stay in touch and online for the whole weekend and capture your festival adventure in full by keeping your phone charged.  Don't run out of battery on day one and miss out on some once in a lifetime snaps. 

3. Waterproofs

Whether you’re going for a mac in a sack, plastic poncho, or proper waterproof jacket, always pack a raincoat. If nothing else, they make a good pillow.

4. Water bottle

Save some money, avoid more plastic, and stay hydrated. Just remember, most festivals don’t allow glass so make sure you go for a steel or aluminium bottle.

Four festival must-dos

Festivals are back with Finlay sunglasses

Now that you’re looking good, it’s time to get out there and enjoy everything the festival has to offer. And we do mean everything. Regardless of what festival you’re at, here are four must-do activities…

1. Watch someone new

Play eeny, meeny, miny, moe on the festival line-up and see an act you’ve never heard of before. Sometimes you’ll get a dud. Most of the time you’ll get someone great.

2. Get lost in the woods

Take a wander around the festival grounds as you never know what you might find deep in the woods. A late-night party, mystery act, or tarot card reader. Anything goes at festivals.

3. Join a talk

Go for the music, stay for an insightful talk. Depending on which festival you’re at, most now have some great speakers and performers on their line-up. Be sure to check them out.

4. Get to know your neighbours

This one’s always useful. Neighbours can look after your stuff, loan you a chair, or just lend you a hand when it comes to putting up that flimsy tent of yours. Love thy neighbour!

Four eye-opening must-packs

Finlays for festivals

Festivals are a tiring business. And tired bodies mean tired eyes - our area of expertise. With your eyes in mind, here are four pieces to pack…

1. Sunglasses

No festival outfit is complete without a great pair of sunnies. They should protect your eyes from harmful rays, be able to endure an action packed weekend and look good, even in the rain. Take a look here.

2. Frame chain

Friends (or enemies) can’t pinch the sunglasses from your head if they’re secure around your neck. Enter a good frame chain like this slinky rose gold one.

3. Sunglasses cover

It’s late, it’s dark, you’re tired. Your sunglasses get thrown to the side and forgotten about. That’s until you roll over them in your sleep or step on them. Keep them protected with a sun cover like these ones.

4. Eye mask for sleeping

You’ll thank us when the light rears its head at 6am and your sleeping mask blocks out its glare, giving you an extra few hours of kip.

Ready to go?

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One more thing before you head off dancing: if you’re taking your sunglasses with you then be sure to tag us in any pics (@finlayandco)!

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