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Wimbledon's here, summer has landed.

6 Wimbledon-ready outfits and styles
Strawberries and cream. Henman Hill. Murray Mount. New balls please… It can only mean one thing. Wimbledon’s back and summer’s started.
Whether you’re watching the tennis or spotting the celebs in the Royal Box, Wimbledon’s always had a certain style. The English tennis championship is famous for royals, actors, and David Beckham always looking dapper and dashing in the stands.
Despite the all-white dress code policy for the players, the stars have free rein when it comes to suits, hats, dresses, and tailoring so sharp it could cut you.
Looking to steal their style? Here are 6 outfits and looks to inspire your summer wardrobe, whether you’re going to Wimbledon or not. These are looks so good they’d probably get the Duchess of Cambridge, Sienna Miller, and Alexa Chung’s approval. Probably.



1. Meghan Markle keeps it simple in the Royal Box



Meghan Markle Wearing Finlay Sunglasses


Not every day at Wimbledon, or in the English summer for that matter, comes with glorious sunshine. When there’s a breeze in the air keep things simple like the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Back in 2019 she was courtside to support her friend Serena Williams and wore blue jeans, a black top, and white jacket. Oh and a pair of Finlay's Henrietta sunglasses in black.


2. Joe Ottaway nails sporty, smart, and casual


Joe ottoway in bowery light tortoise


One for the gents here. Fix up, look sharp, and follow Joe Ottaway’s lead. Smart trainers will help you feel like a pro and a white shirt is never a bad idea. Plus shorter sleeves are ideal for a warm Wimbledon day (just don’t forget the sunscreen).

Another thing that will protect you is the perfect pair of frames. Like the ones Joe is wearing: Bowery Light Tortoise with green lenses.


3. Linda Griffin does smart and chic


Linda Griffin In Finlay's Matilda Sunglasses Dark Havana


Straw hats, big bags, and stylish frames. What else does a summer wardrobe need?

Take the hint from Linda Griffin and stay cool on the side lines (even if it's down to the wire and the match is 5 sets in). Finlay’s Matilda sunglasses will keep you company.


4. Keltie is heatwave ready


Matilda dark havana

Ok, so the weather is flipping from bad to great to worse a bit too much for our liking. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for when some serious sun shines this summer. In fact we’re just going to copy Keltie’s look and wear some Matilda's in Dark Havana.


5. Toby Huntington-Whiteley with a touch of colour


parker orange white


Of course, just because the players can’t wear colour it doesn’t mean you can’t. Toby Huntington-Whiteley pairs some white trousers with a colourful polo and a pair of Parker Orange to White.


6. Kavita Meera Mehta dresses up


Kavita Meera Mehta wearing Blake grey lenses


Looking to dress up? Kavita shows how it’s done with this smart/casual number that will have you turning heads faster than you can say ‘ace!’. Finish the look in a pair of Blake’s with grey lenses


Ready to serve up a hit?


Whatever outfit you wear this summer, be sure to pair it with sunglasses that will help you catch the eye. Like the frames we’ve just released in our new sustainable collection.

They’re made from a sustainable Mazzucchelli acetate and come with Zeiss sun lenses for full UVA/UVB protection.

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