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Find sunglasses to suit your face shape

We’ve drawn up a quick and easy guide face shape guide for calculating which FINLAY sunglasses might suit you best. If you’re still not sure whether you’re more Round than Oval or if you’re features could be likened to a Square or a Heart, here’s a tip for establishing which face shape you have:

Stand in front of a mirror, trace the outline of your face using some sort of marker - lipstick, white board pen, soap! Step back and look at the shape you have drawn - it should fall approximately into one of the four below shapes.



Face features - you have a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a tapered chin

Which frame shapes suit you best - cat-eye shaped sunglasses are best for you because they accentuate your face shape. You can also pull off Wayfarer and slightly rounded shapes

Finlay recommendations -DaphneMatildaFlorenceNelsonHenriettaArcherAlbanyMarshallBoweryTaplow, Onslow, Oswald & Percy

Shapes to avoid - shapes which are too top heavy

HEART shaped face

Above left: Daphne Butterscotch, right: Florence Ruby



Face features - you essentially have a square shaped face but with softer angles

Which frame shapes suit you best - rectangular sunglasses are the frame shape for you because they add angles to your look

Finlay recommendations - Murdoch, Hamilton, FlorenceAlbany, PercyMarshallBowery, Brunswick & Taplow

Shapes to avoid - round or oversized frames

Round face shape guide

Above left: Bowery Smoke, right: Bowery Light Tortoise



Face features - you have a narrow forehead, with high cheekbones and and a narrow chin.

Which frame shapes suit you best - you can pull off both round and square frames, but just keep proportions in mind and therefore try not to go too big or too small for your face

Finlay recommendations - Murdoch, Daphne, Parker, Hamilton, NelsonArcherHenrietta, MarshallBowery, BrunswickTaplow &Percy

Shapes to avoid - oversized frames

Oval face shape guide

Above left: Daphne Lavender Fade, right: Murdoch Dark Rum



Face features - you’ve got a broad forehead and a strong jaw

Which frames suit you best - round and aviator with softer lines to balance out the angular shape of your face

Finlay recommendations - Taplow, Hamilton, Daphne, NelsonOnslow, Oswald, Percy, WentworthArcherAlbany & Henrietta

Shapes to avoid - boxy or frames with a heavy brow

Square face shape guide

Above left: Oswald Tortoise, right: Taplow Rose Gold